Can you use bleach in a pressure washer?

Yes, you can use bleach in a pressure washer. But, you have to be extra cautious so that it doesn’t affect the power washer. Typically a bleach solution has sodium hypochlorite as its main chemical ingredient. The sodium hypochlorite is corrosive that may damage the pressure washer pump.

Even the powerful 3000 PSI pressure washer needs to be operated and stored in a prescribed way. As a result, we cannot neglect or handle the power washer indifferently if we want our washer to have a long lifespan.

If we use the bleach solution in our pressure washer, we cannot let it go inside the pump. The corrosive nature of the bleach may affect the pump severely. Thus, major servicing of the pump will be the ultimate outcome.

Moreover, some metal cannot bear bleach and tends to become un-serviceable. So, extra caution and care are mandatory while we deal with a bleach solution in our pressure washer.

Preparation of Using Bleach in a Pressure Washer:

Step-1: Position the pressure washer according to your cleaning task. Bring a water bucket/pot near the power washer.

Step-2: Wear protective gloves, eye-wear,and full-sleeve shirt.

Step-3: Now, according to the intensity of your cleaning task and sodium hypochlorite concentration, mix-up the bleach with water. For example, for mid-level cleaning and hypochlorite concentration 5.25% to 6%, mix 4 parts water with a part bleach. If the concentration is 3% mix 3 parts water and 1 part bleach.

Step-4: Ensure the high power hose and filter are free from clogging, and clean them of clogs if required. Take the bucket and place the strainer on the end of the siphon tube into the solution.

How to Clean Using the Bleach Solution in a Pressure Washer?

Step-1: First of all, connect the water tank with the pressure washer. Now, connect the tip of the soap tank with the pressure washer gun. After that connect the gun trigger with the power hose and the power hose with the power washer.

Step-2: Turn on the water supply to the power washer. Now, turn on/ start the power washer.

Step-3: Set the unloader valve to ensure that the power washer produces the lowest pressure.

Step-4: Now, aim your pressure washer to your desired surface or items. Press the pressure gun trigger and the force of the pump will start sucking bleach. The bleach solution will mix up with water inside the power washer and blast to the surface you have aimed.

Step-5: If your bleach solution runs out, release the gun trigger to replenish the bleach solution. Continue the cleaning process until you are finished with your cleanings. When you are finished with your cleaning, fill the bucket with clean water. Now, run the power washer once more to clean the inner parts with this clean water.


A pressure washer is the blessing of modern science and technology. We should know how to start a pressure washer maintaining the SOP. Using a bleach solution is risky and that’s why a number of manufacturers do not suggest their customers do that. But, if you still want to use the solution, make sure you follow the above-mentioned steps. Moreover, you should follow the guidelines of the user manuals before using the power tools and equipment.

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